Special tools

Precise forming for the Trumpf and Thick Turret systems

Special Tools System Trumpf & Thick Turret

Create plastic transformations of your sheet metal parts with our special tools. In addition to standard formations such as the shaping of tabs, hinges and gills, there are many other ways to machine sheet metal. With our variety of special tools we provide the right tool for every purpose.

Special tools

Center-punch tools

Tool for producing grit on a workpiece.

Countersink tool spring-loaded/rigid

Countersink tool for production of recesses for screw and rivet heads. Spring-loaded or rigid with PU stripper. 

Knockout tool - round

Tool for making a connection between stamping dies and sheet metal by one or more holding webs.

Thread form tool

Tool for making threaded embossings.

Bridge tool

Tool for forming bridges for ventilation, cable guides or spacers.

Extrusion tool

Tool for making passages for guiding small pipes or as threaded passages.

Continous offset tool

Continous offset tool for forming depositions at the edge of the sheet in any length.

Continuous bending tool

Tool for making bendings of any length.

Continous louver tool

Continous louver tool for the creation of ventilation gills of any length.

Louver tool

Louver tool for the making of ventilation louvers.

Bracket tool

Tool for forming tabs for fastening, fixing and clamping.

Multi hinge tool

Tool for making a hinge with lower hinge shell and upper hinge shell.

Special tools

Endless beading tool

Tool for the production of endless beads in nibbling operation.

Marking tool

Tool for raising logos.

Cluster tool

Tool for an effective and rapid preparation of hole patterns.

Emboss tool spring-loaded/rigid

Emboss tool for deformation spring-loaded or rigid. 

Marking tool-symbol

Tool for embossing symbols.

Hinge tool

Tool for making a hinge.

Dimple tool

Tool for making dimples for spacers or preparatory work for welding. 

Bending tool

Tool for forming large-scale metal sheets in the edge region.

Countersink forming tool

Tool for the production of a mould, e.g., for countersunk screws or slide protection. 

Half shear tool

Tool for forming centering studs for distance fixing, step protection, etc.

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