Slat cleaner C-UP

Suitable for laser cutting machines


Due to the optimal cleaning results the slats have a longer lifetime and increases the quality of the produced parts. 

Machine info

  • Available with flat base width 1.500 mm and 2.000 mm
  • Height difference of 45 mm necessary from the support slat to the cross slat at least
  • Grinds for slats thickness of 2 mm, 3 mm 
  • Working speed with low contamination: 28 m/min
  • Working speed with normal contamination: 13 m/min
  • Working speed with strong contamination: 8,5 m/min
  • Mileage 10.000 m
  • Rolling system - fast and save cleaning process, no damage to the support slat, even with copper
  • Quick and easy change from one row of slats to another without having to tilt the slat cleaner
  • Removes all oxidized residues, no contamination of stainless steels

Interest aroused?

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